Genie is a powerful gesture recognizer which allows you to trigger actions by drawing shapes or letters with the mouse.

See SqueakWiki:2439 .

Some procedures, tested with Squeak3.8-6665:

To install

Latest is at . Open a Monticello Browser, click +Repository, HTTP, replace the location with '' and accept, click Open, Genie, the latest version, Load. Gesture recognition should now be active and a readme window should pop up describing some default gestures.

To access the world menu

Click and hold the left button for a moment without moving the mouse

To view and change the gestures

Choose help menu -> genie gesture dictionaries, or draw a capital G from the top, to see the main Genie configuration tool. Click Browse to see the gesture dictionary and the middle set of < > buttons to view the available gestures. Gestures should start at the red dot; the white field shows what action will be triggered by the gesture, click the field to expand it.

To load another genie dictionary and enable it on the background

Open the Genie configuration tool, click the M button, Load, select the .ggd file. Click in the Exported name field and enter "PasteUpMorph?", alt s to save, click Accept.

Other notes

The squeaksource version is based on Ned Konz's. In 2005/12 Ned wrote:

<blockquote> The latest Genie stuff I have is in MC format in my MC repository I could also post an image, but would have to search for the "right one" out of many many of them on my server.

Hmmm... I've stuck a SAR that I used for an OOPSLA demo (should load into a 3.7 image) at: I haven't tried it yet, though. Clearly a number of the fix changesets, etc. would be unnecessary with more modern images.

And I put a fully loaded demo image (though apparently not the most recent version of the Genie stuff, it is all set up to actually work) at

I also uploaded the interim Genie MCZ files to my repository at if you want to see the progress on that code.

Both the SAR and the image have gesture dictionaries that you might find useful; I think the image has my Graffiti-like gesture set in it, as well as a demo of some specialized lookups, etc. </blockquote>


status in the various images.


3.8 ok

3.9 ok


Squeakland image


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